Built to Outlast & Outperform Wooden Duck Boxes

At Duck Dens its our Mission to help Duck Hunters Succeed with Waterfowl Conservation.

The Original Duck Den is designed to provide the best man made nesting habitat for cavity nesting ducks.

Due to habitat loss and loss of mature trees many cavity nesters rely on man made nesting boxes provide an adequate amount of nesting cavities.

The US has 7 cavity nesting ducks. They are woodducks, buffleheads, blackbelly whistlers, hooded mergansers, common mergansers, common goldeneye, & barrows goldeneye.


We know that their are plenty of reasons to convert from a traditional wood duck box to a duck den, but what if people didn’t know all of the amazing reasons to make such a move? 

Well, no worries guys, today Shelby is going to go through many of the key features to why someone would want to make the switch to a more efficient and productive waterfowl conservation item!

If you are in need of extra information make sure to contact us by email or give us a call!

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