On Friday November 20th of this year we headed up towards Detroit Michigan to get ready for our sea duck hunt with Jeremy Ullmann of Michigan Guide Service.  This was Myles & I’s first sea duck hunt and we were stoked to get out and shoot the low & crazy fast flying birds!

We enjoyed the 4 hour drive by talking hunting, business, & life.  We arrived at the hotel got our gear ready for the morning set our alarm for 4am.  Once were up packed up and headed to the dock to Jeremy.  Once we arrived Jeremy quickly got in the boat & out to the water.  This was our first ever watching long lines be set & to be honest I found it to be awesome in comparison to running Texas rigs like I normally do.  Once the decoys were set up Jeremy put me in the layout boat & him & Myles pulled the boat a distance away & set up some more decoys to shoot from the main boat.

As soon as we got to shooting light birds were steadily trickling in 2-6 at a time, which is absolutely perfect.  In my initial excitement & being used to hunting in Indiana where if its legal you better shoot it, you may not see another, I shot a couple juvie drakes & 2 hens.  With only 2 birds left before limit I traded spots with Myles so he could work towards his limit.

Watching Myles from the layout boat was a pretty cool experience because it gave me another perspective vs me sitting in the layout boat.  From the layout boat Myles knocked down 3 birds & we traded again to try & get me a mature drake.  Unfortunately I knocked a drake down but before I could get him with a second shot he was back in the air and gone.  I was able to seal the deal with a scoter & called that a day for me.  While I finished my time in the layout blind Myles shot the shot this drake in the photo above & finished 6 bird limit!

We couldn’t have asked for a better day on Huron.  Jeremy was a first class guy & got us on plenty of birds and gave us plenty of opportunities to reach our goals.  I look forward to hunting with him again in 2021.  Day 2 of our hunt was more of what makes waterfowl hunters crazy. but was an extraordinary hunt!  Make sure to read on that hunt next!

If you’re looking for a chance to hunt Lake Huron or Lake St Claire, I can personally vouch that Jeremy is a great guy & will get you on the birds, It’s up to you to do the rest!


By: Zach Clevenger, Co-Founder Duck Dens

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